Health Test – How Healthy Are You?

Do you feel comfortable? Or are you bothered by uncertainty about your health? Spend a few minutes and know how healthy and healthy you are!

Using this health test, you will find out where the danger may lurk. And where you can be quite carefree. The physical and mental well-being is determined partly by the natural facilities and partly by the living conditions.
You cannot change your guilds, but how you live depends on yourself. Nutrition and medical science have made great strides in recent years, and life expectancy has risen in most countries. The better you understand your body signals, the more chances you have of avoiding diseases.

Responding to the 58 questions below, you will know what to look out for in the future. And even if the result does not fall out optimally, don’t worry. Go to a doctor or a natural doctor / alternative treat with understanding on nutritional issues and let her or him help you. But even the best medicine is not worth it if you do not help yourself. That’s why the first bid sounds: Keep optimism!

Read the questions below and count how many times you answer “yes”!

Heart / circulation

1.Have there been cardiovascular disease in the immediate family?
2. Do you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day?
3. Is your weight more than 10 percent above your normal weight?
4. Do you miss the daily exercise (min. 20 minutes of movement)?

5.Can you like fatty eats like pork roast, mayonnaise and fried food?
6. Do you prefer vegetables?
7. Do you often eat them?
8. Do you eat chips or the like when watching TV?
9. Do you eat cheese and drink milk daily?
10. Do you drink more than three glasses of beer or wine daily?
11.Do you quickly lose your breath by easier physical exertion (walking on stairs, etc.)?
12. Are they often exposed to stress or time pressure?
13. Do you have financial or family problems?
14. Are you annoyed at sports, games and work?
15. Are you impulsive or upbeat?
16. Or are you just the opposite, do you find yourself in everything?
17.Have you tried having depressing chest pain (duration 10 min)?
18.Have you, at a fast pace, sometimes jab or weakness?
19. Do you first go to the doctor when you have severe pain and the like?
20. Are you dissatisfied with your doctor?
21. Do you often talk to friends and colleagues about illness? Rating: Do you have the answer “yes” 0-3 times?: All in the most beautiful order. But don’t be overconfident! Have you answered “yes” 4-7 times ?: They are hopefully aware of your risks. Try to avoid stress and think about what you eat. Have you answered “yes” 8 times or more ?: They play with the fire. Either you live something loose, or nature has given you some unfavorable facilities: So eat less lavishly and get a health check from the doctor / nature doctor.

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