1. Beware of the halo effect for health


Do you think products from specialized supermarkets are healthier than those from other supermarkets? Or do you think dishes from organic restaurants are all kind to your waist? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your efforts to lose weight in a healthy way may well derail. According to a study , if people have to guess the number of calories in a sandwich from a ‘healthy’ restaurant, they estimate that it has on average 35% fewer calories than if it came from an ‘unhealthy’ restaurant. Don’t forget that when you eat another serving of “Whole Foods Organic Fruit Supplement” Muesli that contains 150 grams of this seemingly healthy snack, almost 500 calories.

2. Eat the yolk

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has abandoned their long-standing recommendation that we limit cholesterol in our diet. Decades of research have shown it has little effect on blood cholesterol levels, and the government’s outdated recommendations have done little more than send coded messages about the pros and cons of eating eggs and shrimp. So go ahead and whisk an omelet with the yolk. Eating the whole egg is beneficial for your body because it contains nutrients that boost metabolism. It also contains fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and choline, which is a powerful compound that attacks the satiety mechanism that prompts your body to store fat around your liver.

3. Do the “Eat-the-half” diet

Would you rather lose weight without a diet? Fill your plate with vegetables at least halfway through lunch and dinner. Vegetables are nutritious, high in satiating fiber and low in calories, making them ideal for weight loss. By eating half of vegetables, you get rid of the feeling of hunger, you eat fewer calories and you still feel satisfied and satisfied. Keep eating like this and the pounds will melt away painlessly.

4. Make dinner a buffet

When you put full bowls of food on the table, overeating is inevitable. To avoid overeating, leave the food on the stove or counter and scoop up the food from there. When people have to get up from the table, they tend to consider their hunger levels more carefully. Serving healthier dishes can of course also help.

5. Mix vegetables in your oatmeal

While soaked oatmeal remains a healthy and trendy breakfast, there is one healthy oatmeal trend that’s talked about: Zoats! The funny-sounding name actually describes a very straightforward (but delicious) dish made from grated fiber-rich zucchini, oatmeal, milk, spices, and nutritional supplements chock-full of nuts and fruits. We love this dish because it’s easy to add vegetables to your morning meal – something you rarely come across. Another plus: Adding zucchini to your oatmeal adds bulk to your breakfast bowl without the need for extra grains, ultimately saving calories.

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