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Toronto’s most established Wellness Clinic whose practitioners specialize in the treatments of combining traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment to modern western rehabilitative practice to treat different body systems. The unique services provided by our well trained team bring you experiences of treatment and relaxation in one!


Established in March 2005, Everlasting Wellness Centre offers you ultimate rejuvenation for your mind, body and soul. Our commitment is to provide you with an experience that will exceed your expectations. Combining the knowledge and dedication of our highly qualified Therapists and Estheticians with the finest products available, our mission is to offer tailored treatments that deliver physical and mental rejuvenation, visible results and an overall renewed sense of well being.

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How To Increase The Breast Without Going Under The Knife

If you want to raise and increase the breast naturally, without undergoing cosmetic surgery, we give you the tricks to achieve it.

To increase breast size, there are completely natural techniques that work very well. Many people prefer to go to cosmetic surgery centers, but it is not always the most recommended option, since going through the operating room can pose a health risk .

The herbal remedies to increase breast size include a wide range of herbs such as dong quai, blessed thistle sawpalmetto or , to name a few. In addition to these and other herbs, physical exercise and good nutrition occupy an important place when it comes to outlining a harmonious body aesthetics.

Breast Without Going Under The Knife

Tips: Breast Enlargement Exercises

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

This wonderful fenugreek seed contains diosgenin , which helps the growth of breast cells. Fenugreek intake can be applied in infusions such as tea or externally on the breasts. To apply it externally, it is necessary to mix the powdered seeds with a tablespoon of vegetable oil to form a paste.

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

This well-known wild plant contains estrogen and is also used to help breast growth. On the other hand, since ancient times it has been the home remedy in the form of an infusion that was most used to promote milk production. But … attention! It should not be consumed during pregnancy.

Saw Palmetto:

It blocks the enzyme 5-a-reductase, inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. This plant manages to tone and increase the bust due to the fact that it lowers testosterone levels, making the breast size increase naturally. It is usually taken as an infusion or in tablets prepared in herbalists.

Wild Yam:

Native to North America, it is mainly used to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels . However, it has recently been applied to improve conditions related to women’s health and breast augmentation.

Diet high in healthy fats

Be careful with weight loss diets , they will make our breasts also decrease in size.

This alternative of adding healthy fats to your daily diet and will make your breasts appear bigger, but on the contrary you can gain mass in other parts of the body. That is why this nutrition is not the most advisable because in many cases it increases the chances of becoming overweight, causing other health risks.

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Raw Food and Smoothies

If you are one of the people who go around wanting to try the Raw Food concept, smoothies are actually one of the easiest ways to prepare your raw foods. It will certainly make your new lifestyle easier, more successful, and at the same time improve your overall health and well-being. You can either choose to drink smoothies every day or, as others do, introduce a whole regular juice day each week, also called a juice ‘feast’ or juice fasting day.

Raw Food and Smoothies

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All the healthy fiber that vegetables contain can sometimes be a little hard for the body to digest, and especially in the beginning. However, the body quickly gets used to the large amount of fiber, so it is only in the beginning that you may experience digestive problems. Juice production of vegetables and fruits, improves the absorption of all the important nutrients. This way of eating is especially important in the beginning when you decide to live by the Raw Food concept .Most people do not have any good digestion, and the body is not used to having to absorb the many nutrients. When squeezing your fruits or vegetables, do so at low speed. This will break down the cell wall in your fruits and vegetables and make it easier for you to absorb the nutrients.

Raw Food specialists recommend that you drink half a liter of pressed vegetables daily. If you have a juice party day, you should have twice as much. Drink some of it when hunger arrives, or divide it into 3 main meals.

There is usually quite a bit of work involved in juicing. Therefore it is a good idea to squeeze juice for 2-3 days at a time. The vegetable juice can easily stay in the fridge if you store it in a closed container.

Best Vegetables for Juicing

The most powerful ingredients for your juice are the dark green leafy vegetables. These vegetables do not taste as good as the vegetables we are used to eating. To compensate for this, you can add two carrots, a lemon and an apple.

Example of good vegetables. (all organic and must be thoroughly washed):

Dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and celery
Parsley (Rich in Vitamin C, Iron and Minerals)
Brussel sprouts
Ginger, for its anti-inflammatory properties

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What Testosterone Is And How Important

Now that you have a base on what testosterone is and how important it is for your health and training, let’s go to the ten tips that we have separated to increase it naturally and without risks to your body.

Work out!

It seems obvious that exercising is essential to gain muscle mass. But few people know that exercise also helps increase testosterone. Without bodily activity and, mainly, without stimulation of the muscles, the production of the hormone can drop abruptly and cause a series of health problems.

That is why sedentary people tend to have a much lower level of testosterone than those who train hard or do some regular physical activity. If you don’t want to have problems with falling hormone levels, try exercising, whatever it is.

Decrease Sugar Intake

Some recent research has indicated that the excessive use of sugar combined with a sedentary lifestyle could cause a decrease in male hormones in the long run. That is, if you want to increase testosterone naturally, you need to revise your diet and avoid the consumption of sweets as much as possible.

In addition, processed foods are also high in sugar, even if they are not sweet. Be very careful with them! If you can, try to consume fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and products that are less processed. It is not necessary to restrict yourself completely, but to moderate what can harm you!

Avoid Stress

Yes, we all know that maintaining a healthy routine can help you increase testosterone naturally. But did you know that to ensure this healthy life you also need to invest in having a more balanced and stress-free mind?

Cortisol levels can negatively affect hormone production, according to recent studies in the field of neurology. This is because the body understands the block as a form of protection and to ensure that the organism is out of danger for the period of “risk” caused by stress.

Of course, we can’t avoid stressful situations all the time, but trying to live a more calm life with less rush or overwork is a good way for your body to start producing hormones as it used to.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

The use of alcoholic beverages can create a serious problem in the production of hormones. Whenever possible, it is important to stop drinking or avoid use in general. That’s because alcohol inhibits the production of essential coenzymes in order for it to naturally increase testosterone.

Not to mention the fact that the drink releases endorphins in the brain, which can reach the body in a negative way, causing the metabolic process to decrease and the testosterone to dissipate more easily and not concentrate on the muscles.

Definitely don’t smoke!

That smoking disrupts your training routine and decreases your performance is undeniable. Without a doubt, anyone who wants to achieve goals with bodybuilding and wants to stay healthy, should quit smoking for yesterday! But, did you know the relationship between smoking and how to increase testosterone naturally?

Basically, by smoking, you will cause your body to increase levels of cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress. And, as we talked about above, he is one of those responsible for decreasing the production of male hormones. That is why smoking can cause serious loss of libido in men and even women.

Increase your zinc consumption !

Zinc is directly linked to the increase in testosterone in the body, especially because it inhibits an enzyme called aromatase, one of the main responsible for the transformation of the hormone into estrogen – an extremely harmful process for those who need to gain muscle mass or even stay healthy.

Keep Weight

Another essential tip is to keep your weight up to date. Excess fat blocks the chance of naturally increasing testosterone, as it causes your muscles not to work properly and essential hormones to stop being produced the way you need to get the results you expect.

Obviously, by decreasing weight and increasing hormone production, the localized fats dissipate, causing a healthy and perfect cycle for your hypertrophy. So, if you are overweight, start aerobic exercise today and lose the excess as soon as possible!

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Green Smoothies for Athletes – How do you make It?

Green smoothies are the order of the day and it is not surprising that more and more people, athletes or not, join the trend of green smoothies. Read… Is Athletic Greens an effective superfood protein drink?

What are green smoothies

The first clarification is that, although it is called green smoothie, it does not necessarily imply that the smoothie is green, but rather that it is based on vegetables and its main component is green leafy vegetables . It can be pink, red, purple, orange, etc., depending on the pigments of the food, fruits or vegetables that it incorporates .

Green leaves are considered superfoods or superfoods , since there are many benefits derived from their consumption . They have alkaline properties, hardly provide calories and contain many phytonutrients, such as chlorophyll. Is Organifi Greens Juice  an effective superfood Powder?

They are also easily digestible and combine perfectly with other types of food.

How do you make it?

The green smoothies are delicious, they admit infinite variations according to your tastes, needs and seasonality of the ingredients . Depending on the composition we choose, they will have different nutrients, properties, flavors and textures: more or less protein or cleansing, more liquid and light or thicker.

When can I take them?

Green smoothies are really versatile, they can be taken for breakfast , between the hours of mid-morning or snack , or as a post-workout to replace fluids, hydrates and proteins.

In some cases, and depending on their composition, they can even be a complete meal on time. With personalized advice, they can be prescribed for a full day combined with infusions, broths or vegetable juices as a purification or digestive rest.

Green smoothie ingredients:

To our smoothie we will add the following ingredients:

1 banana
2 good handfuls of spinach leaves
1 teaspoon of spirulina powder
A glass of almond milk
A pinch of unrefined (or Himalayan) sea salt or a splash of sea water

Banana :

Banana is rich in vitamins B6 and C, folic acid, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Despite being a fruit, it is starchy, so it will provide satiety and slow-burning carbohydrates. Being very energetic, it is ideal for children and athletes, and to give vitality. Regulates intestinal problems, is a natural antacid, and reduces muscle cramps.

It brings creaminess and delicious sweetness to smoothies.

Spirulina :

Spirulina is a microalgae consumed since ancient times for its many properties and to treat ailments.

Considered a superfood, it has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, chlorophyll, it has the 8 essential amino acids (so it has a complete protein, of high biological value), all the fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins (A, from group B, D, E and K) and minerals such as iodine, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and sulfur. Thanks to its mucilage it has a satiating effect.

Therefore, it is ideal for weight control, to gain or replace muscle mass and is a top food for athletes .

Unrefined salt or sea water

Both options are perfect and very therapeutic and will provide numerous minerals and trace elements, essential for our body in small amounts , in addition to reinforcing the alkalinity of the shake and giving it a little touch of contrast.

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The Difficult Health Priority

Many of the tasks that nursing has set itself in recent years can with great benefit be given back to the population. If we know that there is no one else who does, can it not prove that we can do it ourselves?

Enlightenment is sometimes a double-edged sword. This is particularly true in relation to health and morbidity. It is so that the better educated and enlightened people are, the worse they think their health is. Where one might have hoped that more general knowledge would lead to less use of the health sector, it is just the opposite. It is on this background that one must look at the intense debate about how the health system works – and not work. It also means that one can get the feeling that the health policy in the kingdom is first and foremost based on the media coverage of sufferers, whether it is the acquaintance of the acquaintances that they suddenly find themselves on a waiting list or patient associations emphasizing that their members do not receive this and the more or less documented treatment, given in Sweden or Germany.

The disease statistics and treatment statistics that should legitimately constitute the basis for the planning of treatment capacity and preventive action are often pushed aside because the media coverage is perceived as being more urgent by politicians who in almost no case see a sick patient – or a headline About the same – without promising them the best possible treatment here and now.

This position implies, for example, that up to half of the hospital budgets are used for the treatment of patients who have died shortly afterwards. To the extent that those who have prolonged life by some weeks are well, it is fine, but many have severe treatment side effects over their symptoms, and there is a wide knowledge of these courses that can prove that it is and the knowledge could be used to differentiate the treatment options, and to allow the most troublesome courses to be avoided. In particular, it is about giving proper information to the affected patients through proper information. We all know that life does not last forever, and for many, the most important thing is to get out of it in a dignified way.

Now it is an almost impossible task to appreciate what it must cost to try to prolong life. Every life is irreplaceable and cannot be settled in cold cash. It is nonetheless what health policy is forced to do, and a first step in getting started could be to say openly: We cannot at all offer the very best treatment that extends life as much as possible. We are forced to prioritize, and if we do not make it open and central, then we push the priority down in the decision-making hierarchy. If the Minister of Health or the Danish Health and Medicines Authority does not issue open guidelines for what we can offer of treatment – both technically and economically – then the on-duty doctor, who must adjust to local hospital budgets.

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Health Test – How Healthy Are You?

Do you feel comfortable? Or are you bothered by uncertainty about your health? Spend a few minutes and know how healthy and healthy you are!

Using this health test, you will find out where the danger may lurk. And where you can be quite carefree. The physical and mental well-being is determined partly by the natural facilities and partly by the living conditions.
You cannot change your guilds, but how you live depends on yourself. Nutrition and medical science have made great strides in recent years, and life expectancy has risen in most countries. The better you understand your body signals, the more chances you have of avoiding diseases.

Responding to the 58 questions below, you will know what to look out for in the future. And even if the result does not fall out optimally, don’t worry. Go to a doctor or a natural doctor / alternative treat with understanding on nutritional issues and let her or him help you. But even the best medicine is not worth it if you do not help yourself. That’s why the first bid sounds: Keep optimism!

Read the questions below and count how many times you answer “yes”!

Heart / circulation

1.Have there been cardiovascular disease in the immediate family?
2. Do you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day?
3. Is your weight more than 10 percent above your normal weight?
4. Do you miss the daily exercise (min. 20 minutes of movement)?

5.Can you like fatty eats like pork roast, mayonnaise and fried food?
6. Do you prefer vegetables?
7. Do you often eat them?
8. Do you eat chips or the like when watching TV?
9. Do you eat cheese and drink milk daily?
10. Do you drink more than three glasses of beer or wine daily?
11.Do you quickly lose your breath by easier physical exertion (walking on stairs, etc.)?
12. Are they often exposed to stress or time pressure?
13. Do you have financial or family problems?
14. Are you annoyed at sports, games and work?
15. Are you impulsive or upbeat?
16. Or are you just the opposite, do you find yourself in everything?
17.Have you tried having depressing chest pain (duration 10 min)?
18.Have you, at a fast pace, sometimes jab or weakness?
19. Do you first go to the doctor when you have severe pain and the like?
20. Are you dissatisfied with your doctor?
21. Do you often talk to friends and colleagues about illness? Rating: Do you have the answer “yes” 0-3 times?: All in the most beautiful order. But don’t be overconfident! Have you answered “yes” 4-7 times ?: They are hopefully aware of your risks. Try to avoid stress and think about what you eat. Have you answered “yes” 8 times or more ?: They play with the fire. Either you live something loose, or nature has given you some unfavorable facilities: So eat less lavishly and get a health check from the doctor / nature doctor.

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