What Testosterone Is And How Important

Now that you have a base on what testosterone is and how important it is for your health and training, let’s go to the ten tips that we have separated to increase it naturally and without risks to your body.

Work out!

It seems obvious that exercising is essential to gain muscle mass. But few people know that exercise also helps increase testosterone. Without bodily activity and, mainly, without stimulation of the muscles, the production of the hormone can drop abruptly and cause a series of health problems.

That is why sedentary people tend to have a much lower level of testosterone than those who train hard or do some regular physical activity. If you don’t want to have problems with falling hormone levels, try exercising, whatever it is.

Decrease Sugar Intake

Some recent research has indicated that the excessive use of sugar combined with a sedentary lifestyle could cause a decrease in male hormones in the long run. That is, if you want to increase testosterone naturally, you need to revise your diet and avoid the consumption of sweets as much as possible.

In addition, processed foods are also high in sugar, even if they are not sweet. Be very careful with them! If you can, try to consume fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and products that are less processed. It is not necessary to restrict yourself completely, but to moderate what can harm you!

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Avoid Stress

Yes, we all know that maintaining a healthy routine can help you increase testosterone naturally. But did you know that to ensure this healthy life you also need to invest in having a more balanced and stress-free mind?

Cortisol levels can negatively affect hormone production, according to recent studies in the field of neurology. This is because the body understands the block as a form of protection and to ensure that the organism is out of danger for the period of “risk” caused by stress.

Of course, we can’t avoid stressful situations all the time, but trying to live a more calm life with less rush or overwork is a good way for your body to start producing hormones as it used to.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

The use of alcoholic beverages can create a serious problem in the production of hormones. Whenever possible, it is important to stop drinking or avoid use in general. That’s because alcohol inhibits the production of essential coenzymes in order for it to naturally increase testosterone.

Not to mention the fact that the drink releases endorphins in the brain, which can reach the body in a negative way, causing the metabolic process to decrease and the testosterone to dissipate more easily and not concentrate on the muscles.

Definitely don’t smoke!

That smoking disrupts your training routine and decreases your performance is undeniable. Without a doubt, anyone who wants to achieve goals with bodybuilding and wants to stay healthy, should quit smoking for yesterday! But, did you know the relationship between smoking and how to increase testosterone naturally?

Basically, by smoking, you will cause your body to increase levels of cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress. And, as we talked about above, he is one of those responsible for decreasing the production of male hormones. That is why smoking can cause serious loss of libido in men and even women.

Increase your zinc consumption !

Zinc is directly linked to the increase in testosterone in the body, especially because it inhibits an enzyme called aromatase, one of the main responsible for the transformation of the hormone into estrogen – an extremely harmful process for those who need to gain muscle mass or even stay healthy.

Keep Weight

Another essential tip is to keep your weight up to date. Excess fat blocks the chance of naturally increasing testosterone, as it causes your muscles not to work properly and essential hormones to stop being produced the way you need to get the results you expect.

Obviously, by decreasing weight and increasing hormone production, the localized fats dissipate, causing a healthy and perfect cycle for your hypertrophy. So, if you are overweight, start aerobic exercise today and lose the excess as soon as possible!

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