Healthy living, making sure you get enough vitamins and minerals and limiting stress are keywords when you try to prevent hair loss, reduce hair loss and ensure that new hair can grow. Below you will find more tips and supplements for hair growth that you can use immediately.

Avoid Stress

Take time to relax. What do you really like to do? At what moment are you busy with nothing else for a while? Make time for this. It helps your hormones balance. This form of baldness or hair loss is therefore a good warning.

Don’t drink too much coffee

Caffeine increases the stress level and thus the production of cortisol. Drink a maximum of 1 or 2 cups per day and do not start your day with it.

Healthy Diet

Get a healthy diet with enough protein (such as eggs, fish, meat, nuts, lentils) and omega-3 (fish or seaweed). so pay extra attention.

Omega 3

Do you eat oily fish at least once a week? No? Then an omega 3 supplement is an important addition. Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids may help lower higher concentrations of male sex hormones in women with PCOS. Choose a good quality omega 3 like this one.

Vitamin B

Adequate intake of vitamin B is important as it plays a role in healthy hair growth. You can ensure that you get enough of this through a good multivitamin such as ‘Every Day’ or when you want to become pregnant Every day Mama or through a B complex.


When the cause is the hormonal disorder PCOS, it helps to keep your blood sugar level stable. In addition to hair loss, you also tackle other PCOS-related complaints. Sugary food causes insulin peaks and insulin counteracts growth hormone. And the growth hormone actually stimulates hair growth.A supplement that plays a role in stabilizing your blood sugar is DCI. Research has shown that many women with PCOS are deficient in this. In the article about D-Chiro-inositol you can read more about its operation and effect.

6 Tips to Make Healthy Eating a Breeze

Increase Testosterone

With an increased testosterone level (in addition to hair loss, often also unwanted hair growth on the face and on the body), there is the Saw Palmetto / Milk Thristle supplement that consists of herbs that affect your testosterone level. Saw Palmetto is an herb derived from the lesser saw palmetto. The Saw Palmetto extract is extracted from the fruit of the Saw Palmetto.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto lowers the DHT level due to its inhibitory effect on the enzyme 5-alpha reductose. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of free testosterone to DHT. And as you could read above, high DHT is a reason for more hair loss or body hair.

Avoid Coloring

Avoid using hair coloring or opt for natural paint like this one. These formulas do not contain harmful additives. Are free from ammonia, parabens, peroxide, heavy metals, mineral oils and artificial colors and fragrances.


Are you suddenly losing alarming hair or are you getting bald spots? Always contact your doctor for further investigation. There may also be Alopecia areata, for example. Always consult a doctor if your hair loss does not disappear after you have taken measures yourself.

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